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Alice Morris, Director
Has an M. Phil in Economics, from J.N.U, Centre for Development Studies, Trivandrum). During the past 18 years has been working on issues concerning impact of various economic policies and natural events affecting the poor and marginalized, including those arising out land acquisition, disasters, urbanisation, and structural adjustment in collaboration with national and international development agencies and academic institutions. Was involved in rehabilitation process after the Gujarat earthquake 2001 and was responsible for mobilizing resources, planning activities and reporting to government and funding agencies at national and international level. Post- earthquake took up evaluation of housing projects, coordination efforts among agencies and other initiatives of NGOs and international funding agencies. Worked on decentralised governance with focus on urban self-governance institutions, women in local governance, management of urban services and systems especially water and sanitation and promoting civic engagement to make governance more accountable. Areas of expertise includes policy research, participatory and action research, participatory planning and mobilising people to voice their interests. Has published extensively in national and international journals and books.
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